Ultrax Labs Hair Surge: Growing Your Hair Back Naturally at Home (TOP RATED Hair Growth 2017)

Ultrax Labs Series: The Top Rated Hair Growth Product of 2017 (My Review)

The advantages of Ultrax Shampoo:

  • Promotes natural hair growth by┬áproviding essential nutrients
  • Proprietary one of a kind┬árevolutionary shampoo
  • Effective For Men and Women
  • using biotechnology to bring healthy hair nutrients through a highly advanced shampoo formula
  • ==> 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Full hair treatment (package available)

People who are looking into surgical hair loss treatments! STOP!!! I was losing 30-40 hairs per shower but Ultrax saved my hair!

my hair loss

Hi! Welcome to my review of the product that saved me from Hair Loss!

Hope this helps the people suffering from the embarrassment of hair loss at any age!

My name is John and I have been losing a lot of hair for the past 5 years!! I am not even 30 years old but I have started losing hair. I have been losing hair on the front sides as well as the top of my head. I was very scared and didn’t want to be bald before 30.

hair loss and hair line

(My sides have been receding and have left the sides of my hairline empty)

I searched the internet and found the most famous product “Rogaine”. Now this product helped me grow some hair but it nothing for my hair loss problem.

So I continued my search for a good solution to my hair loss problem and found Ultrax Labs Hair Surge. I stumbled across this great product series and I wanted to let everyone know about it. I have been using it for 3 months now.

(Recent Picture of my side and if you can see I am starting to grow some of my sides back!!)

The best part about this product is that if done correctly, it not only grows your hair back but stops your hair from falling out!

Now it did take it 2 months of daily use and special care but I was able to successfully stop the majority of my hair loss and gain some small amounts of hair!

my new hair loss

(I count maybe 6 hairs here)

I went from cleaning my drains once a week to once a month now and I believe it will only get better for me!

I am very excited to share this information with whoever has the same problem as me!

So that’s my story and I will be putting up more photos of my head and before and after showers hair loss. I hope that more and more people will try this product and find that it works as it did for me.

Also, the pictures were in the sink because it was easier to see then in the shower for those of you who are wondering. Hope this article helps and if you want to see my progress I will be posting my progress on this website.


Q: Where to buy Ultrax labs shampoo?

A: You can buy through Amazon which gives you free shipping as well as discounts